The Vega test

The allergy test is performed using an electronic "Vega" machine (shown below) which utilises a probe and hand mass.  The hand mass(electrode) acts as a conductor and is placed in the client’s dominant hand.  The probe is then placed on the centre of an acupuncture point which can be found on the feet or the hands (we use the hand in our procedure).  

This creates a circuit which measures various energy levels & changes in the body’s resistance, various food substances (in small glass ampules) are then introduced into the test circuit (via the Honeycomb plate) and then the client’s electrical response is measured through the skin.  For example if a food substance is put into the circuit and the person resonates a normal reading then the body tolerates the food (i.e. no allergy).

If however, during a test a lower than normal reading appears then that particular food substance is therefore not tolerated by the body and it is in fact a food allergy or intolerance that is having an adverse effect on that individual. The machine has an accuracy rate of 75-80% and gives immediate results.  The Food Allergy / Intolerance therapist will then be able to interpret these results and pinpoint potential problem foods and advise you what to do accordingly.

On completion of the food allergy test you will receive some food intolerance guidance, advice on food elimination and possible supplements/alternatives which may be helpful for your condition. Please note: Contrary to some misguided rumours, the allergy test's accuracy is not at all dependant on the time of day the test is done, please beware of so-called allergy testers who tell you this.

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