Food allergies

Common Symptoms of food allergies & intolerances: -   
Abdominal pains                                                             Colic and colitis 
Aches and pains                                                              Constipation
Acne                                                                                   Crohnís disease
Anxiety                                                                              Depression                
Arthritis                                                                             Diarrhoea
Asthma                                                                              Dizziness
Autism                                                                               Eczema
Bloating                                                                             Epilepsy
Headaches                                                                        Fibromyalgia
Hyperactivity                                                                    Fluid retention                     
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)                                   Gastric ulcers
Loss of appetite                                                               Glue ear
Migraine                                                                             Psoriasis
Mouth ulcers                                                                    Rashes
Nausea                                                                              Skin problems
Panic attacks                                                                    Urticaria (hives)
Breathing difficulties                                                       Weight loss
Fatigue                                                                               Wheezing
Coeliac disease
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